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soul-printBatterson hasn’t written a deep book of esoteric philosophy, but a practical book about the true potential all humanity could obtain through trusting the God of their soul to reveal our purpose. As the back of the book rightly states,

In Soulprint, Mark pours the contagious energy he’s known for into helping you experience the joy of discovering who you are…and the freedom of discovering who you’re not.” 

I agree that this end is met by reading Soulprint with an willing heart and an open mind.

One of the unique values for me (and I do read many books of this nature) is the focus and advantageous need to openly discuss what we are not. I have met and worked with a great many leaders who know who they are, but deny the truth that there are many things they are not. This one truth can bring some much peace to a person needing to be released from what they thought was a weakness but that turned out to simply be not part of their nature. Once your focus becomes singular in your pursuit of purpose, your soul prospers. Third John 2 states that when our soul prospers all others areas follow suit. Batterson has done us a great favor in assisting us all look to our soul for life value now and not just in some celestial eternity. 

The back of the book also claims, “A self-discovery book that puts God at the center rather than self” is a bit of a misnomer as you cannot help but connect the two. What Batterson does though is provide a path beyond simple self help to better your life for your own sake and better your soul for the sake of God’s great plan. When we all function within the deep nature of who we are, we win, our families win, and all those around us win. Further, God wins as he smiles on his child for living out their destiny!

 I recommend this book for any leader, but specifically leaders (church, education, and business) working with youth and young adults – many label them millennials today. Yes, it is great for older leaders also, but I think the idea needs to be instilled at a young age. Scripture is full of younger men and women finding their destiny and even Batterson references those stories (in this and other books he has written).

Wondering how to take care of your soul while searching for a grander purpose? If you answer “yes” or even “I don’t know” Soulprint is for you. Journey on… 

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