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Christmastime is Here!

As we sing songs, buy gifts, spend time with family, and run, run, run; we can easily miss the meaning and reason of Christmas.

So for a brief moment, let us refocus on what Christmas is truly about. Let us remember the meaning and reason that make this one of the most unique and celebrated holidays in the world.


Luke 2:10-11 “But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all people; for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

The meaning is threefold:

  1. The birth of CHRIST THE LORD is GOOD NEWS
  2. The birth of CHRIST THE LORD brings GREAT JOY
  3. The birth of CHRIST THE LORD is for ALL PEOPLE

The meaning of Christmas is best understood as God revealing himself completely to us in his son, Jesus.

Just as there is a meaning to Christmas there is also a reason:


Matthew 1:21 “She will bear a Son; and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.”

Sometimes we miss the deep value of this phrase. At the time Jesus was born, Israel had lost hope. The prophecies of the Old Testament had yet to be fulfilled. The Messiah had not yet come.

As was the history of Israel they were in a time of exile, ruled by Roman law. Caesar lorded over the people of God as supreme. Caesar Augustus was hailed by the Senate as God and legend of his virgin birth and the peace and good news he would bring to Rome surrounded his life. But Jesus, not Caesar, was the true son of God. Jesus came to lead his people out of exile and bondage.

Therefore, the REASON for Christmas is the story of Reconciliation and Celebration.


Through Jesus, God reconciled the world back to him. Remember, it was GOOD NEWS for ALL PEOPLE. Through Jesus, the Savior, God SAVED HIS PEOPLE FROM THEIR SINS.

Jesus would break the chains of Roman domination by ushering in the Kingdom of God.

Exile would be no more, for Jesus would be King of a Kingdom that has no end (Luke 1:33).


So, we celebrate this time of year because of that HOPE. A HOPE that springs from a life that began in a manger.

Jesus Christ’s amazing birth is the beginning of the story of HOPE. HOPE that God will restore us. HOPE that brings GOOD NEWS. HOPE that Jesus will SAVE HIS PEOPLE and welcome us into a KINGDOM that has NO END.

There is a reason we celebrate and that reason is Christ the King:

There’s a reason that the lights are shining.
There’s a reason that the wreaths are hung.

There’s a reason that songs of joy
and peace are being sung.

There’s a reason for the celebration.
There’s a reason that the silver bells ring.

There’s a reason for the season
and the reason is Christ the King.

Enjoy thinking about these things, or maybe as Mary did — pondering them in your heart.

Merry Christmas to those Leading Happy!

Great Gift for that Leader in Your Life



Maxwell, John. Leadership Promises for Every Day: A Daily Devotional. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2016. 390pp. $19.99.

So I will confess I am a John Maxwell junkie. I have encountered his teachings at so many conferences, DVDs, podcasts, and round tables, not to mention my entire shelf of Maxwell books. I have even been talking with a rep with his consulting certification as a Maxwell Team Coach. I like to admit my biases up front. It’s a fault, but people love me for it. Yet, I will also admit up front, I am not a fan of devotionals. I am that guy that tends to smile when a devotional if given to me, and then uses it for a paperweight the rest if the year.

(If you have given me a devotional, I am sorry.)

Nevertheless, when I was sent this copy of Leadership Promises for Everyday by Maxwell, I was incredibly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I found myself wanting to read 10 or 12 in one setting. The Scripture references with a pithy leadership or ministry ideas for the leader at any level was addicting. Possibly needless to say, I read most of the devotional in about two weeks time. (Like I said, devotionals and I are either in love or we hate each other.)

Why I believe this devotional is worth it is because of John Maxwell himself. His decades of credibility, his endless writing career, and his passion for Christian leadership grants him a place at the head of the table in a leader’s development. Honestly, even if you have never read a Maxwell book, you still glean from his other writings as the devotional takes advantage of his previous books. In other words, you can read a dozen, 300 page books or you can get daily doses to advantageously apply to your life and leadership.


Why I mention it as a great gift idea for that leader in your life is because of the size, cover, and price. Its cover is made of imitation leather with embossed lettering and a creatively designed, embossed compass. The size is perfect to set on a desk or to carry along in a bag or with one’s Bible as a companion. Many of the pages, even with the smaller size, has room enough to write a leadership idea that comes up and you don’t want to forget. The pages are coated so great for underlining and highlighting without bleed through. Two of my pet peeves with thin pages in books made for note taking and idea generation. Don’t judge, you know it bugs you too!

Plus, the price is a perfect price point for a gift. At under $20, you cannot beat the look and content you get. I worked in retail in my younger years, and we always had people coming in looking for a good gifts for their boss, pastor, or leader in their life. Hey, all you have to do it click on the link above and BOOM Amazon delivers the gift right to you (or even them). I know, but no thanks necessary. I am there for you!

Now if you are really an over-planner (it’s okay, this is a safe place to share), this is a great idea for that graduation you know is coming in May 2017! Mind Blown?!?! I know, but stay calm. *Digital Hi-Five*

So do yourself a favor or get that leader in your life a worthy gift. I have yet to go wrong with a Maxwell book to my leader friendships and now they have one that’s just perfect for gifting.

So lead on and lead happy!

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