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There are many elements to establishing a healthy volunteer culture in your business, nonprofit, or church. So our post today stays short, we will focus on 3 of the most advantageous.


1 | Value

Everyone is looking for volunteers, so you need to up your game and offer others a value that others cant get anywhere else.

Adding value to our volunteers before they decide to go volunteer somewhere else is key. Why do we wait and celebrate people when they leave and not when they are adding the highest value to us while serving? The more value YOU add to them, the more value they add to you and your mission!

People in their nature want to engage in something bigger than their self. It is how we are wired as humans!

So we need to infuse value not extract value.

2 | Environment

Create a fun, exciting and high energy serving environment. But not high chaotic (there is a difference).

Chaotic may seem like energy and fun but its disorganized and like all disorganized things will soon lose focus and fail.

High energy on the other hand is infusing an element of joy and happiness into all that is done through the servanthood part of your organization.

Try to create a vibe that it’s a good, productive place, things may be moving fast, but we work hard and play hard!

I worked in a volunteer environment once that took a break every 90 minutes to 2 hours to do something fun and that was meant to team build. Notice how I have never forgotten that team!

3 | Alignment

You can add value to your serving team and you can even create fun, memorable environments, but if the team is not aligned to the mission, what is the point?

It’s okay to have fun, but there needs to be purpose behind all you do. Otherwise, you just had fun and left no lasting impact.

Get your team or teams pulling in the same direction so they know how they are doing as a team and how well they are getting the vision done!

Everyone doesn’t have to be aligned as doing the exact same thing the exact same way, they simply need to be all aligned to the main goal, vision, mission, or purpose outcome.

Be careful not to introduce polarizing issues or stances into your team. People attach to environments of people who are different they they are in social, political, and even religious beliefs, if they are all aligned with the same goal in mind.

I know I only listed the 3 I have found most vital, but what would you add to the discussion? I need your wisdom…



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