by davidlermy | 4:11 pm

What does it take to be a distinctive leader within a church, ministry, or charity?

Here is my list of seven distinctives from various books and blog posts over the years. They are not in order of importance.

Capacity to Visioneer

-Being a person who projects into the future beyond the present
-Developing a theme which highlights the vision and philosophy of ministry
-Establishing a clear church identity related to the theme and vision

Inherently Self Motivated

-A commitment to excellence
-Being High Energy (Hope for all us with attention deficit)

Creates Ownership of Ministry

-Helping people to feel responsible for the growth and success of the church
-Establishing a congregational identity based on the shared vision
-Avoiding imposing unrealistic goals.

Empowers Others through Their Giftedness

-Matching the gifts of people with ministry needs and opportunities
-Delegating effectively in areas of personal limitation
-Avoiding personal overload by delegating effectively
-Not prematurely assigning ministry positions

Flexible and Adaptable

-Coping effectively with ambiguity
-Coping effectively with abrupt change
-Shifting priorities and emphasis during various stages of church growth


-Experiencing setbacks without defeat
-Riding the ups and downs
-Expecting the unexpected
-Rebounding from loss, disappointments and failure

Cultivates Outward Community

-Identifying and assessing community needs
-Responding to community needs on a priority basis
-Acquiring and understanding of the character and pulse of the community

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