by davidlermy | 2:58 pm

What is Keeping Your Church from a Robust Social Media Presence?

  Churches in the not-so-distant past were known as the social centers of a town. Cities during the Feudal France era had churches built in the middle of the city so all people were equidistant from

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by davidlermy | 1:47 pm

Dealing with Pressure in Ministry

How do you learn best? Reading books and listening to solid podcasts are my top two. I listen to Carey Nieuwhof’s podcast religiously. Although I subscribe to many great ones, this one seems to

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by davidlermy | 4:05 pm

Three Ways to Know Yourself Better

As fun as Dr. Seuss was to our childhood, his advice above is more needed now than ever. There is only one you. And no one can be a better you than you can.

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