by davidlermy | 11:49 am

Volunteers: From Seats to Service, Part 3: Keeping Volunteers from Burning Out

The biggest issue any leader fears dealing with is the meeting where burn out is the reason for a volunteer stepping down. This raises the subsequent question, “How do we keep volunteers healthy and

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by davidlermy | 12:04 pm

Volunteers: From Seats to Service, Part 2 – Establishing Elements of a Volunteer Culture

There are many elements to establishing a healthy volunteer culture in your business, nonprofit, or church. So our post today stays short, we will focus on 3 of the most advantageous. VALUE,  ENVIRONMENT, and

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by davidlermy | 12:23 pm

Three Lessons from a Bird

For a good laugh, here is a story I heard a few years back as told by Craig Groeschel, lead pastor of Life.Church   One day a bird was flying south for the winter

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