by davidlermy | 9:04 am

Volunteers: From Seats to Service, Part 1

Any nonprofit, church, or charity organization either rocks it at volunteerism or is rock bottom when it comes to getting people to serve. I have yet to see any middle ground. Therefore, this series

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by davidlermy | 12:35 pm

Keeping Brand Loyalty While Growing

Healthy Growth + Brand Loyalty = MISSION SUCCESS We all want people, especially new people, to become entirely committed to our brand (culture/mission/values). Yet, commitment to the brand can, at times, create an adverse

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by davidlermy | 12:41 pm

Graduations, Legacy, and Why it Matters

I was recently at the college graduation of a young man I held in my arms as a baby. As his family took pictures of us, I flashed back to realize I was no

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