by davidlermy | 2:28 pm

Embracing the Mess

Around 3 years ago, I walked into my kitchen and found one of the biggest messes I had ever seen. I mean the cringe-at-the-prospect-of-cleaning-up kind of mess. The call in HAZMAT and maybe the

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by davidlermy | 11:27 am

Trusting Your Mentor

Everyone enjoys having a mentor. Taking their advice is an entirely different story. We need to address the very real and very difficult issue of taking your mentor’s advice. I say “difficult” because most

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by davidlermy | 11:59 am

Life After College: 20 Things I Wished I’d Known in my 20s

There are a handful of major transitions most people make in life. We all start with the transitions within our adolescent years of school from a certain grade to the next leading up to

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